Collection: Fantasy Dildos

The best sex and masturbation are all about delving deep into your desires, experimenting with your kinks and fetishes and making your fantasies come true. But what if your fantasies are all…fantasy? What if what gets you horniest is the thought of riding a ferocious dragon or letting a giant octopus explore all your wet caves and tunnels?

At Dragon Dildo UK our fantasy dildos range is designed for exactly that! These stunningly designed sex toys are more like pieces of art than just plain old dildos. They come in a range of colours, sizes, shapes and designs but what makes them so special is that they are created to look like the naughty parts of some mythical creature from your favourite fantasy stories.

We have dragon dildos so that you can unleash your inner-dragon slayer and bring that beast to heel; giant tentacle dildos which will help you imagine you are wrestling with a slippery Kraken down where its wet and slippery; alien dildos which will provide orgasms that are truly out of this world, and many, many more.

All of our fantasy dildos are made from the highest quality medical-grade silicone and what makes them the envy of other sex toys is their uniquely textured shafts and heads. While regular dildos may have ribs or beads, fantasy dildos have scales, bumps, horns, knots and a variety of others textures to rub you up all the right ways!

What’s more, our fantasy dildos are seriously massive sex toys which means they are perfect for stretching both the limits of your imagination and your naughty holes. They are perfect for both masturbation and for playing with your partner, making them some of our customers’ all-time favourites.

We offer free next-day shipping on all our fantasy dildos so order yours today and let us make your wildest dreams a reality!