Collection: Monster Dildos

Welcome to Dragon Dildo's Monster Dildos collection - A whole new world of fantasy dragon dildos just begging to be explored!

This is very special collection is for those kinky nerds on quest for new pleasures - Really the stuff of legends! 

This collection includes our dragon dildos - both their phalli and tongues! We also have giants, dwarves, ogres, minotaurs and even the kraken's tentacles for you to play out your darkest fantasy of tangling with these mythical beasts.

Whatever your fantasy we'll help you set it free - Make your monster fantasies reality with these monster and mythical beast inspired fantasy dildos.

Dragon Dildo UK's monster dildos are suitable for both vaginal and anal penetration.

All our Monster Dildos can be used with a water-based lube for ultimate comfort and pleasure. We recommend cleaning your toy before and after each use with water and a gentle alcohol and silicone free soap.