Collection: Dog Dildos

Whether you’re into puppy play or simply fantasise about man's best friend, Dragon Dildo's dog dildos will have you howling.

Our dog dildos are based on the anatomically correct design for intense vaginal and anal stimulation and include all the largest, most impressively hung breeds with the biggest knots.

The smallest dog knot dildo we offer starts at 18.5cm or 7.3 inches!

The canine dildo's knot is meant to push your limits in an intensely satisfying way and when you work yourself past the knot, the feeling of fullness will overwhelm you.

We've also something special for the Werewolf romance fans that guarantees they will be FULL-filled and left howling to the moon.

Dragon Dildo UK's dog knot dildos are suitable for both vaginal and anal penetration.

Make your dog fantasies reality with our dog knot dildo selection and other animal dildos and sex toys.

All our Dog Dildos and Dog Knotted Dildo's can be used with a water-based lube for ultimate comfort and pleasure. We recommend cleaning your toy before and after each use with water and a gentle alcohol and silicone free soap.