4 Best Fantasy Dildos

There are many fantasy dildos to consider at Dragon Dildo UK. Choosing your next best friend can be more daunting than many people imagine.
Never fear, we're going to walk you through the 4 best fantasy dildos. In our opinion.
1. Dragon Dildo’s Tentacle Dildo
As someone that wants to enjoy more than what the regular dildos can offer, you have made a good choice by going for fantasy dildos. Be that as it may, you need to understand that some brands and products are better than others.
If you want a dildo that offers flexibility yet durability the tentacle is possibly your best choice. Thanks to its flexibility, it is possible to reach your G and P spot for maximum satisfaction.
Other than its flexibility, the sensation that comes with using it is breathtaking. This is thanks to the sucker pad design that is exquisite yet lifelike.
Like ALL our toys, the tentacle dildo is made from premium medical grade platinum silicone.
2. Dragon Dildo’s Monster’s Tongue
Perhaps you have heard some people ask about the need for dildos when you can have a real man do the deed. Well, there are reasons you should not make light of the need for dildo. Size, shape, texture and design to name a few.
One of our favourite fantasy dildos is the Dragon Dildo’s Monster’s Tongue.
At slightly above 8 inches in length, this is a serious toy. As far as size is concerned; the Dragon Dildo’s Monster’s Tongue lives up to its name for all the right reasons.
Couple this with our cum lube for a truly unique experience.
3. Dragon Dildo’s Mythical Horse Dildo
This is a perfect fantasy representation of what it would feel like if you had a boned horse between your legs.
On top of its extreme length, one of the perks of the mythical horse dildo is its flexibility. The mythical horse allows you to reach the parts that a rigid dildo cannot.
4. Dragon Dildo’s Octopus Tentacle Dildo
Many things set this fantasy dildo apart for all the right reasons. Perhaps the most notable is its design.
The Octopus Tentacle Dildo is narrow at it's tip and expands quickly toward its base. If you make it al the way there, it's girth is over 8cms! Just imagine how full and satisfied you would be.
On top of this the tentacle has a myriad of different textures, smooth surfaces, veins and suckers! You have to feel it to believe it.
There are so many fantasy dildos available but we have only have the time to introduce you to 4. Please explore our wide range here.