How Big are Dragon Dildos?

Many people are now looking to make their first purchase of Dragon Dildos, due to their rising popularity. Selecting a particular style or colour can be fairly simple, but what about the size? 
What size will be the best fit for you, and how big are these Dragon Dildos? 
In this article, we'll advise you on how to choose the appropriate size for your needs.
Dragon Dildos are available in a wide range of sizes.
The typical Dragon Dildo is more than 20cm long. This makes them larger than most other dildos. Some eye-catching varieties reach lengths of 26cm or more.  Dragon Dildos typically have large bases to support the their weight. Their girth significantly larger than the average dildo.
Selecting the most appropriate size for you
Images can make the Dragon Dildos appear smaller than they are, so picking the right size can be challenging. Our dildos cannot be returned for hygiene reasons so it is always important to know the the exact size you need before making your purchase
It's better to work your way up in size than to buy something you can't physically use or enjoy at first. If you're unsure of the size come down on the side of caution and select the smaller options available.
The intended use will help determine the ideal design and size for you.
Due to their unusual shapes and large diameters, Dragon Dildos don't make the best dildos for simulating oral sex.
Most frequently, Dragon Dildos are used for anal and vaginal play... With liberal amounts of lubricant to make the toys more comfortable to insert!
Storage is another aspect of the size that many people overlook. Dragon Dildos can occupy a large amount of space because they are bigger than most other dildos. So, think about whether you have just enough space where you can safely store your dildo.
A few additional factors to consider:
You should think about what other features are important to you besides size. Potential factors include the following:
Which color do you want?
Do you want the dildo to be able to ‘shoot’ cum lubricants or other liquid?
Are you seeking something with a smooth surface, scales, or even tentacles?
Would you prefer a specialized dildo, such as a canine version with a knot? Our Dog Knot Dildos are very special.
Final Thoughts
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