What is Cum Style Lube?

Cum lube was created to closely resemble the appearance and feel of semen and designed to be applied during sexual acts like masturbation, vaginal sex, and anal sex.

The lubricant is made to closely resemble the viscous, white fluid produced by the male body during ejaculation and sexual arousal using water, glycerin, sorbitol, and cellulose.

These lubes closely resemble the colour and texture of the real thing; thick and gooey and off white to give you the sensation of real man goo.

Cum style lubricant will give you a more realistic feel from artificial sex toys like Dragon Dildo UK's huge range of fantasy dildos.

Something to keep in mind when choosing a cum style lubricant to use with latex condoms is that some may result in their breakage. You will need to make sure the the cum lube is compatible with the material of the condom. For latex condoms we would suggest our own Dragon Jizz.


You can buy Dragon Jizz cum style lubricant online at https://www.dragondildo.co.uk/collections/cum-lube.

Before using the lubricant please read the instructions and clean your toys carefully.

In conclusion cum lube will be an excellent addition to any sexual activity you choose to enjoy, providing a realistic, safe and not irritating experience. Enjoy!