Collection: Massive Dildos

Looking to supersize your sexcapades? Hoping to add a little more bulk to your bonk? Then we have just what you are looking for. Our Massive Dildo range is jam-packed full of Titanic Ticklers, Gargantuan Gigglers, Humongous Heros and Pleasurezillas! Each is ready to stuff you like a turkey, stretch you like a slinky and give you the dilling of your life.

You are probably thinking, “Okay, you say massive, but what does that actually mean?”

Well, let us tell you, it means MASSIVE! Each of the toys in our Massive Dildo collection is seriously stonkingly sizeable in both girth and length. All are well over 25cm in length with our longest, the incredible Unicorn’s Horn dildo, a horizon reaching 46cm. In fact, it is so long, you can get someone in the other room to hold it and it will still reach all your naughtiest, deepest pleasure spots. 

When it comes to girth, our Massive Dildos are also sure to satisfy your dimensional desires with our new Werewolf Prince dildos wielding a 7.6cm diameter and many of our other toys boasting similar eye-watering measurements.

Our Massive Dildo collection includes sex toys from all of our most popular ranges from stunning dragon dildos to wet and wild squirting dildos to the wacky worlds of alien and tentacle dildos. Each mammoth masterpiece is made from 100% platinum silicone so they look great, are easy to clean and look after, but most importantly, feel absolutely amazing. Just make sure you use water-based lube (and you are going to need a lot of it with these giant toys!) with our Massive Dildos because silicone lube will destroy them.

So if you’re ready to start your adventures in the geosphere of giant geometric genitals, choose your Massive Dildo today. We guarantee it will be squeezing its way into your…letterbox…in no time at all!