The Best Werewolf Dildos for 2023

If you are looking for a hair-raising adventure under the light of the full moon then you have come to the right place! There are few mythical creatures which fire the imagination or wet the knickers quite like werewolves which is why werewolf dildos have become this year’s hottest sex toys! With so many lupine lovers to choose from, however, we know that finding the perfect werewolf dildo can be a daunting task. 

But if you’re a howling good time, let us take you through the darkest corners of passion and desire, as we unveil the best werewolf dildos for 2023.

1. Werewolf King Dildo

Enter the kingdom of the Werewolf King, a truly colossal werewolf dildo that will dominate your full-moon fantasies. Boasting an impressive 33.7cm length and 9.5cm diameter, this grey and pink majestic monstrosity will satiate even the most insatiable appetites. What really puts this werewolf dildo on a royal pedestal, however, is the intricacy of its design. 

It has a heavily veined shaft and a flat exposed head which provide incredible sensations with every millimetre of penetration and an enormous double knot near the base for serious hole-stretching. Between the knot and the head, the Werewolf King is completely ribbed so even if you can only manage the first few inches, you are in for a wild night. 

Like all of the werewolf dildos on this lift, the Werewolf King is made from premium medical-grade platinum silicone which has a firm yet flexible construction. All of this pleasure potential is stacked on top of a giant werewolf balls suction cup, keeping your beastly companion firmly in place for unbridled hands-free passion. 

Honestly, the only possible downside to the Werewolf King is that it is so massive that beginners should maybe beware. But there’s nothing like a little lube to turn newbie werewolf dildo pups into howling pack leaders!

The Werewolf King is a dildo straight out of your most terrible nightmares and wettest dreams!

The largest Werewolf dildo



2. Wolf Ejaculating Dildo

The Wolf Ejaculating Dildo guarantees a wet and wild ride and an eruption of ecstasy. While its 20cm length and 5cm diameter is nothing to turn your snout up at, it’s the Wolf’s squirting capabilities that make this a must-have werewolf dildo for every Lycan lover. 

Designed to mimic the climactic release of a real werewolf in heat, this dildo has a reservoir for storing fake cum lube (or any other liquid that gets you howling) which works in tandem with an easy-to-use hand pump. All you have to do is fill it up and start pumping when you are ready for a splashing! 

The Wolf has a vivid pink shaft which contrasts beautifully with the wolf-grey suction cup base, featuring a fur-design finish for added authenticity. Its pointed head is perfectly designed to hit all the right spots, while the veined and textured shaft with a giant double canine knot delivers a stimulating sensation as it glides inside. 

The first of two ejaculating werewolf dildos on our list (Spoiler alert!) and a truly special toy!

Were-wolf dildo


3. Werewolf Prince Dildo

The Werewolf Prince, with its 26.1cm length and 7.6cm diameter, is an enormous werewolf dildo, second only in size on this list to its illustrious father, the Werewolf King. This lupine lover comes in a super lifelike blend of grey and pink that will make you feel like you're romancing a werewolf straight out of your favourite supernatural romance novel. 

The Werewolf Prince has a flat exposed head and a giant double knot at the bottom of the shaft. This is located just above the integrated suction cup which is adorned with a huge pair of set of werewolf balls, perfect for grinding on during the panting heat. 

The shaft of the Werewolf Prince is adorned with prominent veins and a ribbed texture between the knots and the head for increased internal stimulation. Like the Werewolf King, the Prince's firm yet flexible construction guarantees versatility and bendability for any werewolf fantasy or position you can conjure up. 

The Werewolf Prince is definitely the heir apparent to the werewolf dildo throne!

the prince werewolf dildo


4. Primordial Werewolf Ejaculating Dildo

This is the second ejaculating dildo in our top 5 but it could easily have come in at number one! The Primordial Werewolf is big, bold and packed full of awesome features. It comes from the same range as the Wolf Ejaculating Dildo so it has the same vivid pink colour and high-power squirting functions but the 24cm x 6.8cm textured shaft is totally unique.

It has a triple-section pointed head, a huge double knot and multiple rows of horn-like ridges for maximum internal stimulation, all emerging proudly from a fur-effect suction cup base. Even without the squirting function, the Primordial Werewolf would be a serious dildo but being able to squirt yourself silly is always an added bonus!

This dildo may be called “Primordial” but it is cutting-edge pleasure technology!

primordial werewolf dildo

5. The Werewolf Cub Dildo

The Werewolf Cub measures up at 21.2cm in length and 6.15cm and is the perfect introduction to the world of lupine pleasure. Like the other toys in its collection, the Werewolf Cub is finished in ultra-realistic grey and pink to give you the most lifelike lascivious Lycan experience. 

In terms of design, the Werewolf Cub has a whole lot to howl home about! Its sizeable shaft features pronounced veins, a flattened head and a meaty double knot about three-quarters of the way down for serious stuffing! It has a ribbed texture between the knots and the head, delivering delightful sensations that will awaken your primal desires. All of this sits atop giant werewolf balls on a powerful suction cup which ensures a stable foundation for your full-moon exploits.

While the Werewolf Cub Dildo may be the smallest toy in its collection, it is far from the runt of the litter! 

the werewolf cub dildo


Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that 2023 has been a howlingly good year for werewolf dildos and this year’s releases are some of our favourite sex toys ever. From the sheer intimidating bulk of the Werewolf King to the wet and wild squirting abilities of the Primordial Werewolf, there is a werewolf dildo that will get everyone hot under their Lycan collar. All there is to do now is wait to see what 2024 will bring!