Guide to Fantasy Dildos

There are dildos and there are dildos. And then there are fantasy dildos. Whether dragon phallus or dog knotted penis, Fantasy dildos offer an out-of-this-world experience.
If you are someone that has fantasies that only a very specific dildo will let you realise then you are in the right place. Let's help those fantasies to see the light of day. In this short article we will walk you through some things you need to know about some of the very special kinds of dildos – Fantasy Dildos.
What Is the Idea Behind Fantasy Dildos?
By and large, these are for sexual gratification just like any other dildo out there. However, they are based on a theme(s) that make them unique in many ways.
The theme may be hinged on a movie, animal or myth. They add a new level of sexual spice.
Thee are so many options and so the only drawback is choosing which one will be your new best friend.
Some Fantasy Dildo Types You Should Know About
1. Dragon Dildos
We have all read stories of dragons that may or may not have ever existed. Dragons are also a motion picture favourite. So many movies have revolved around them in one way or the other. Films like Game of Throne and Merlin are just two out of many... Yet noone has ever seen one.
As a result, many people have had fantasies about what being penetrated by a dragon would feel like. This has given birth to what is now known as dragon fantasy. Something that can only be realised with a dragon dildo.
You must pay attention to something material, length and width of your new pet dragon. These really are some of the biggest dildos!
2. Unicorn Dildos
Every girls favourite mythical creature. Like dragons, there are disparities between science and some cultures beliefs as to whether or not unicorns truly existed. Science has made its bold statement time and time denying their existance. Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, African, and even American cultures suggest otherwise.
No matter who is right, something good has come out of this for many dildo lovers. This is because there is now a fantasy dildo themed in line with the unicorn creature, unicorn dildos.
The best part is you can have either the horn or the phallus of your fantasy steed.
3. Zombie Dildo
Although only the stuff of fiction, you may have watched some of the many movies on the subject, and imagined what a zombie’s boner would look and feel like. Inside you.
Well, thank goodness that you got your answer in the Zombie Fantasy dildo.
Dildo lovers are spoilt with the choices available. Fantasy dildos come in all shapes, designs and sizes. Made in line with certain themes and/or characters that may be real or even abstract.