Collection: Earth Dragons

Are you ready to unearth your deepest desires? To let your passions erupt like a horny, fiery volcano? Then you have certainly come to the right place!

Introducing the Earth Dragon range – an extraordinary collection of dragon dildos in seductive shades of deep greens and burnt oranges. The Earth Dragon collection has some of the most exciting new dildos of recent years, designed to transport you to a whole new world of sensuality and downright dragon dildo deviance. 

As well as the signature hues of the Earth Dragon range, what really sets these dildos apart is their unique designs and textures. From the sensuous spirals of Askook to the concentric beads of Attor to the incredible hole-stretching grape design of Leviathan, each Earth Dragon dildo offers a whole new pleasure experience! 

With sizes that range from the pleasingly plump to the downright colossal, these dragon dildos will cater to your every whim. Just make sure you use plenty of water-based lube if you are taking fiery flight with Apophis or one of the other massive toys in the Earth Dragon dildo collection.

Each of our stunning Earth Dragon dildos is crafted from 100% platinum silicone, for the ultimate lifelike dragon dick experience.  They are super easy to clean and look after so they will last you years of fun! 

All our Earth Dragon dildos come with suction cup bases which firmly grasp onto any hard surface for hands-free fun so they are perfect for both solo play and for adding a little fire to your partner play. Just stick your Earth Dragon dildo on the floor, the shower wall or your bedroom window (to give the neighbours a treat!) and get to work!

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